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Attention Educators, Coaches, and Ministry Leaders: 

In 45 Days You Can Start a Youth Coaching Business That Generates Additional Income For You While Greatly Improving The Lives Of Youth

The Generation Youth Coaching Certification is the perfect opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of youth. In just 45 days, you will learn the process of how to coach youth so they can thrive as well as how to launch your youth coaching business. 

Yes, I Want To Make a Positive Impact On The Lives Of Youth

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TEN BIGGEST PROBLEMS That Teens Face Every Day?

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Our Youth are Facing a Crisis of Epic Proportions.

Youth deal with self-image problems, relationship issues, and motivation for their future. They struggle with depression, bullying, peer pressure, academic issues, and forming positive relationships. Yet, they lack mentors and coaches with adequate training and need leadership in their lives.

Schools and Churches are doing what they can; however, the world is more chaotic than ever, and temptations and distractions are limitless. 

The youth need more guidance to thrive in today’s world truly.

If you could give them an extra leg up, would you?

Expecting or hoping they will find what they lack in their current setting is not enough. It's no secret that many adults responsible for mentoring today's youth are already overworked and can only manage to accomplish the bare minimum in their positions.

They Deserve More.

Many young people are drifting along with no one encouraging them or showing them how to tap into their true potential.

By becoming a Generation Youth Certified Coach you will be helping them become more motivated, goal-driven, focused, effective problem solvers, and stronger leaders. 

Your coaching will set them up to have stronger relationships and a higher degree of academic, athletic, and business or career success.

Yes, I Want To Make a Positive Impact On The Lives Of Youth

How Mary Changed Her Trajectory 

As a teenager, Mary had always struggled with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. She found it difficult to make friends and struggled in school, often feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Despite her parents' best efforts to support and encourage her, Mary just couldn't seem to get on the right track.

One day, Mary's parents decided to hire a youth coach to help her navigate the challenges of adolescence. At first, Mary was skeptical and resistant to the idea, but she eventually agreed to give it a try.

Over the course of several weeks, Mary met with her coach regularly to work on building self-confidence, setting goals, and developing healthy coping strategies. The coach helped Mary identify her strengths and taught her how to use them to overcome her challenges.

As Mary began to implement the strategies she learned from her coach, she started to see real progress in her life. She became more confident in herself and her abilities, and her grades began to improve. She also started to make more friends and feel more connected to her peers.

As the months passed, Mary's transformation was undeniable. She had become a more confident and self-assured young woman, and her parents couldn't have been more proud. They were grateful to the youth coach for helping their daughter find her way and reach her full potential.

Overall, hiring a youth coach was one of the best decisions Mary's parents ever made. It helped their daughter overcome her challenges and improve her life in ways they never could have imagined.

Alex Was Able To Make Significant Improvements In All Areas Of His Life

Alex is a high school student and athlete who struggled with socialization and academics. Despite his love for sports, he was having trouble making friends and fitting in socially, and he was also struggling academically.

To address these challenges, Alex's parents hired a generation youth coach. The youth coach was a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience working with high school students.

Initially, the coach sat down with Alex and assessed his needs. He identified that Alex was struggling with socialization and academics, and he set out to develop a plan to help him succeed in these areas.

To improve Alex's social skills, the youth coach began by teaching him how to communicate effectively with his peers and build positive relationships. He also helped Alex to develop a sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

To improve Alex's academics, the youth coach sat down with him and went over his schoolwork, offering guidance and support as needed. He helped Alex to develop better study habits and set SMART goals for his academic pursuits. In addition to working on social skills and academics, the youth coach also helped Alex with his mindset. He taught Alex the value of visualization and positive self-talk, and he encouraged him to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.

As a result of the youth coach's guidance, Alex was able to make significant improvements in all areas of his life. He made more friends and felt more confident in social situations, and his grades began to improve as well.

Overall, the youth coach was able to help Alex transform his approach to life and become a more well-rounded and successful student-athlete. He learned the importance of hard work, discipline, and a positive mindset, and he carried these lessons with him throughout his academic and athletic career and beyond.

Some Questions You May Have...

Yes, I Want To Make a Difference In The Lives Of Youth

What Previous Students Have To Say About The Program....

Gage Davis

GenerationZ has genuinely changed my life completely. The most selfless and driven individuals have surrounded me throughout the class. GenZ reminded me why I am here on this earth; it reminded me of my purpose to not only love and serve others but to love and serve myself. I will forever be thankful to GenZ for this life-changing experience.

Julia Knaggs

My GenerationZ experience left me feeling refreshed and confident in my purpose. Over four days in this program, the content you learn is relevant, honest, and personal. Best of all, you get to learn alongside a group of other motivated young people of all backgrounds and experience levels who quickly become like your second family. No matter your background, you will leave your time at GenZ with a brand new perspective on life.

Philip Rhodes

When I learned about the Generation Youth Certification, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But, when I walked into the facilities, I was welcomed with smiling faces and a positive attitude. Getting to know some great people and learning how to do some inspiring things helped me have a fantastic experience. Great program, great people, great experience.

Yes, I Want To Make a Difference In The Lives Of Youth
I'm not sure and would like more info

Here Is What The Generation Youth Coaching Certification Includes..

The Content

  • Four research-based modules on youth's most significant issues: Mindset, Self-image, Relationship building, and Goal-setting.
  • Coaches' guide: All resources, assessments, coaching instructions, and tips.

  • Youth Client manual: The guidebook for youth with module information, assessments, questions, and content designed for youth success. It understands the principles and practices of youth development.

  • The resource book Tomorrow's Youth: Reaching a Hope-deferred Generation.

The Process

  • A coaching curriculum that can be customized to a 4-week to a 16-week program, designed to see youth thrive
  • A Live Event, 6-week cohort virtual classes and an online platform give coaches the knowledge they need to succeed.

  • They were led by youth development and life coaching professionals combined with 100 years of practice.

The Support

  • Live in-person training vs. an impersonal online option.
  • Your class cohort becomes your "Youth Coaching Family."
  • A vibrant online community with like-minded coaches for assistance, advice, or collaboration. You are not alone.

We Not Only Show You The Curriculum That Is The Most Effective In Assisting Youth In Thriving, In Addition, We Also Teach You How To Use It To Launch a

Also Included...

  • Our exclusive G.R.O.W.T.H Business starter program so you can get your first clients quickly
  • Business Building Checklist plus business action plans

  • Coaching Templates Pack, including assessments, proposal, and agreement templates 

  • The Generation Youth Community With Instructors & Other Youth Coaches. In The Community, You Can Connect, Ask Questions, and Share Your Journey as a Generation Youth Coach.

Yes, I Want To Make a Difference In The Lives Of Youth
I'm not sure and would like more info

What Makes the Generation Youth Coaching Certification Right for You?

A certification that provides a live connection to the content, fellow coaches, and staff vs. anonymous, by yourself, and impersonal training. Youth coaching is TOO IMPORTANT to be done in isolation.

We learn more and better when we learn together.

  • Vibrant, ever-growing curriculum. Positive youth development knowledge is ever-growing. Our curriculum grows with monthly updates plus a weekly podcast interviewing the nation’s leaders in positive youth development.

  • With the ability to adapt the curriculum to 4-16-week coaching sessions, online delivery, or use in a group format, the Generation Youth Coaching Certification gives you the flexibility to create your programs.

  • The only certification for youth coaches includes a business-building module to help coaches get started quickly and right and build a lasting business. The steps in the module give you and your first clients confidence in you as a youth coach.

What do you receive as a Generation YOUTH Coach?

At our in-depth live conference, you will gain the following:

  • Understanding the youth coaching model - and how to apply it.
  • Obtaining the most important skill every youth coach needs.
  • Curriculum that provides a blueprint for the youth coaching process.
  • Understanding the principles and practices of youth development.
  • Connecting with like-mind youth coaches, building a network to help see youth thrive.

Following the conference, the six-week cohort will include the following:

  1. How to use the Generation youth coaching Notebook.
  2. How to guide youth through the coaching process.
  3. How to use your Generation Youth Participants Study Guide.

Online additional content will include:

  1. The Ten Principles of Youth Development
  2. Understanding the Adolescent Brain
  3. How to assess and evaluate the success of youth development programs
  4. How to work with diverse youth populations
  5. And many more topics were added throughout the year

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The Generation Youth Coaching Promise

We will always be available to assist you our your journey to help youth thrive.

We will strive to provide you with proven strategies and resources in youth coaching.

We will keep you current on youth culture and trends.

We will always be committed to the goal of seeing ALL youth thrive.

You deserve the best resources and training to work with youth... without the complications of traditional youth coach training!

Learning the right PROCESS, understanding the right CONTENT, and building the right PLATFORM can take a massive investment of money and time.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Traditional Youth Coaching Programs

(Old way of doing things!)

  • Can be a $20,000 or more investment
  • Can take 2-8 years of study
  • May not keep current in the latest youth development research and trends
  • May not be based upon established proven youth development principles and practices
  • DOES NOT provide curriculum to effectively coach youth
  • Other Certifications DO NOT focus on the youth mindset

The Generation Youth Coaching Certification

A Breath of Fresh Air!

  • Significantly lower investment
  • A process that's completed in just six weeks!
  • Content based on the latest youth development research and trends
  • Platform designed to educate and focus on the youth mindset
  • The coaching certification integrates proven youth development principles and practices into all content and curriculum
  • Provides tested and proven coaching curriculum that enabled youth to thrive
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Investment: $2275 per person (includes materials & online content)

Date: May 15-17, 2023

Location: The May 15-17th class is conducted virtually

Time: Classes start at 1:00 pm each day
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Generation YOUTH coach certification



  • Attendance to the live event.
  • All workbooks, coaching manuals, and youth resources.
  • All meals at the events (housing not included).
  • Participation in the six-week follow-up cohort.
  • Access to the online resources and core content.

Generation YOUTH coach certification

3 Payments of $775


  • Attendance to the live event.
  • All workbooks, coaching manuals, and youth resources.
  • All meals at the events (housing not included).
  • Participation in the six-week follow-up cohort.
  • Access to the online resources and core content.

Don't miss out on this event where we RE-IMAGINE what Youth coaching is about.

Unfortunately, space is limited to 30 people.

Investment: $2275 per person (includes materials & all online content)

Date: May 15-17, 2023

Location: Virtually live online

Time: Classes start at 1 pm each day. (Download the Schedule above!)


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